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What is Guardrail?
Guardrail is galvanized steel rails that have 2 humps measuring at 18 inches wide or 3 humps measuring at 25 inches wide.

How is Guardrail used?
Guardrail is used to detour cars from running off of the road and can also be used as a fence to retain and transport livestock.

How far apart are Guardrail posts placed?
Typically, guardrail post mounting holes are spaced 6 feet 3 inches apart.

What is the best way to set up Guardrail for fencing?
To set guardrail up for fencing, the guardrail is usually bolted to 6" x 6" wooden posts with large bolts. If you are fencing cattle, it is recommended that you hang the guardrail 3 panels high. It must be spaced properly. The first rail should be about 12-14" off the ground. The middle rail should be 5-6" above the top of the bottom rail. The top rail should be about 8" from the top of the middle rail leaving a space between them small enough to keep the livestock from getting their heads caught between the rails. The height of the top rail should be about 5' 6" off the ground to be the most effective.